About Hasha Karate Great Britain - HKGB Hasha Karate GB is Official Governing body for Karate in England


Hasha Karate Great Britain - HKGB was established in 2005 by Chief instructor sensei George Best 7th Dan, we have clubs across England with new clubs joining all the time, the organisation is affiliated to the World Karate Body WUKF - World Union of Karate-Do Federations. Hasha Karate GB the "The Official Governing Body for Karate in England"


HKGB is dedicated to the improvement of its students and we have technical courses to help develop and improve standards across the organisation. They include Kyu grade courses, Brown and Black belt courses, Gradings, Referee and Judges courses, Instructor qualification course I.Q.C and GB Karate squad training. We have a National team that competes in World and European championships with great success

winning World and European championship honours.


Can anyone train and join HKGB 


Karate is for everyone and can be practiced by children from the age of 4yrs and adults of all ages. You can train and join anyone of our clubs across the Northwest. We focus on Traditional Shotokan Karate developing the core fundarmentals of Karate which are Kihon - Basics, Kata - Set Patterns and Kumite Sparring. This gives the student a good grounding and knowledge base of all techniques.


Individuals and clubs can train and join HKGB, individuals can obtain a HKGB licence and in regards to clubs, clubs can apply for affiliation through HKGB by contacting us at website www.hashakarategb.org  

Governing body for Karate in England

www.gbkarate.com Governing body for Karate in England

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Olympic Karate

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Class training

HKGB class training

For seminars contact: Sensei Best

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Sponsers of Hasha Karate GB

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Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak all classes have been suspended until further notice.

Online classes will take place on Zoom. For details contact us at www.gbkarate.com


GB squad training will also continue through Zoom, stay safe and continue your training.