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Sensei Simon Beresford


Sensei Simon Beresford: Club chief instructor at Sunny Bank Community Centre


Hello and welcome to Hasha Karate Great Britain we teach Tradition Shotokan Karate focusing on the 3 core foundations of Karate which are your Blocks, Kicks and Punches known as (Kihon).

This will lead to you understanding your attack sparring known as (Kumite) and thirdly your set patterns known as (Kata).


Once these 3 elements are know by the student in perfect order, the student will be asked to grade for their first belt, 9th Kyu Orange belt.  


If your looking for a new challenge, then Karate will give you this challenge, we look forward to seeing you at training.



HKGB has fully insured qualified DBS checked instructors who train and teach accross the Northwest.


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