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*Gichin Funakoshi World Shotokan Karate Championships *

Senior World Individual Kumite Champion



*JKA Senior World Team Kumite Champions *



JKA Senior World Team Kumite Championships Second Place



JSKA Senior World Individual Silver Medallist  



JKA Senior World Shotokan Cup Individual Bronze Medallist



JSKA British Team Champions Twice  



*EAKF Senior European Team Champions Five Times*



Shobu Ippon International Team Kumite Champions



JSKA Senior World Team Kumite Forth Place



Senior English Karate Governing Board British All Styles Team Kumite Champions



Senior Karate Union of Great Britain National Individual Championships Second Place



Winner of the Trafford Community Sports Award



Senior Karate Union of Great Britain Shotokan Cup Kumite Second Place



Senior Karate Union of Great Britain Shotokan Cup Kata Third Place



*Senior English Karate Governing Board British All Styles Individual Kumite * Champion Three Times



GB Karate Team beat Japan    



*EAKF Under 21 European Individual Kumite Champion *Twice



EAKF Under 21 European Team Kumite Champions



EAKF Under 21 European Individual Kumite Bronze Medallist



*Under 21 Karate Union of Great Britain Shotokan Cup Individual Champion * Three Times              



*Under 21 Karate Union of Great Britain Shotokan Cup * Individual Grand Champion Kata and Kumite    



EAKF Under 21 European Team Kata Third Place  




George first started training in Shotokan Karate at the age of 11 under the instruction of his father Sensei John Best, George's Chief Instructor and mentor. Also a keen athlete George could adapt to many other sports.

He soon showed his potential in Karate as he progressed through his Kyu grades reaching his black belt 1st Dan at the age of 13.


During this time he trained hard under the guidance of his father Sensei John Best winning many competitions which led to him being selected for the Karate Union of Great Britain England squad (KUGB). He reflects about these very hard training sessions.


“These sessions were a test of physical and mental endurance, Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda 9th Dan and Sensei Andy Sherry 9th Dan would put us through our paces. It was essential to train with the correct martial attitude spirit and technique nothing but your best would do”


His first international event was in Ireland where he competed in a team friendly winning all of his fights. This led to a squad selection in which he was picked to compete in the European Championships held in Turkey 1984. George went to these Championships with the will to win. This was not over looked by squad coach Sensei Andy Sherry as George was asked to line up and fight in the senior team kumite squad the very next day.


“It was an honour to be in the starting line up for the England senior team at the age of 16”


This was the start of things to come he trained harder in order to develop his Kata and Kumite. This earned him the prestigious title of under 21 British Shotokan Cup Individual Kata & Kumite Grand Champion 1985. George went on to dominate the category winning the Kumite event another two consecutive years 1987/1988.To top this George also fought for Team GB under Ticky Donovan in which the Team GB beat Japan in both team matches.


George is renowned for his fast kicking techniques. Anyone who has seen him in competition or trained with him on courses can appreciate the speed and power in which he can deliver a multitude of techniques. His distancing timing and body movement are phenomenal making him one of the best Karate exponents Team GB has produced.


With this unstoppable attitude George competed in the European Championships held in Sunderland England, taking the European Kumite title in 1986 and again in 1987 for the second consecutive time. Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda presented George with the most outstanding competitor award.  

George has also competed in open style tournaments winning the Senior Individual English Karate Governing Board British All Styles Kumite Championships, (EKGB) no more than three times beating all comers from a multitude of styles.  This led to the build up of the World Shotokan Cup held in Brisbane, Australia 1988 where George competed against the World’s best.


George fought Japans Masao Kagawa twice in these championships. The former Japan Karate Association Grand Champion was beaten convincingly by George both times. The first confrontation was in the individual Kumite and the second time in the team Kumite event.


George was to take bronze medal at these championships and Team GB came second to Japan. Team GB were to regain the title from Japan again in the 1990 World Shotokan Cup.


With George’s dedication commitment and hard training, England and Team GB have won the European Team Kumite Championships no more than five times and the World Championships twice making England and Team GB one of the most successful Karate nations in the World.


George's organisation Hasha Karate Great Britain, HKGB that has made its mark competing on the world stage. With this success Hasha Karate GB will continue to develop and grow by teaching Shotokan Karate at its best.


George Best Chief Instructor:  

Hasha Karate Great Britain


HKGB Chief Instructor George Best

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